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ООО "INTER - TECHNOLOGY" - ingredient of success!

   "Inter - Technology" Ltd. was founded in 1996.
We are dealing with different kinds of ingredients and additives for meat, bakery, confectioner and fish industries.

  For the years of our work we gained а lot of experience and formed our certain strategy to work on the market.
Regularly we control the quality of the products that are to be sold, develop the range of the ingredients to keep up а stable level of prices and customer' s demand.
Ingredients represented by the firm have been awarded by the diplomas of the Russian exhibitions and by two golden meals of а well-known World Wide Fair "Russian Farmer" in 1999-2000.

  As for our firm is concerned, much attention is paid to customers' wishes. If necessary, highly qualifed specialists are ready to give frеe from рау consultation concerning the technological & production process as well.
Usually it helps our clients to avoid some problems.

  "Inter - Technology" Ltd. offers а wide range of ingredients that contribute to improving organoleptic, physical and chemical properties of thе final products. Our ingredients enlarge the shelf lifе of the products and help to reduce the cost price.

  "Inter - Technology" Ltd. is an exclusive partner of "PetroSoyaAromat" Ltd. - а large producer of а wide range of food ingredients.
"PetroSoyaAromat" Ltd. is on the market since 1997. It had enough time to get to know with the demands claimed by the Russian producers' to the assortment of the products.

  New range of additives is developed and introduced in the processing by the joint efforts of the specialists of both companies:
  1. 1) Complex phosphate mixtures for all kinds of meat used in Russia.
  2. 2) Natural and water-soluble standard spice mixtures № 1 - 7.
  3. 3) Traditional natural and water soluble spice mixtures for all range of meat products produced in Russia.
  4. 4) Water-soluble 8с oilsaluble flavour of spices (monof1avours),
  5. 5) Complex technological mixtures of natural 8г. water soluble spices with phosphates, antioxidants, carrageenans, emulsifiers.
  6. 6) Functional protein mixtures, texturized soya proteins.
  7. 7) Compositions disguising the odours of poultry, pig 8с олег unpleasant smells in minced meat.
  8. 8) Colorants, preservatives, enhancers, beaf and pork flavours.
  9. 9) Mixtures of natural, watersaluble, oil soluble spices for 6sh processing industry.
  10. 10)Oil sauce for fish processing industry.
  11. 11) Compositions for bakery and confectionery industries.
  12. 12) Spice mixtures for mayonnaises, chips and sauces.
Besides, our specialists provide our clients freе from charge with the technical documentation on the products available. In such а way we help our partners to avoid additional expenses.

Competent and energetic specialists work at our company. They are always ready to answer your questions and provide you with all necessary information.