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Every year our company represents newly developed products. In 2000, for example, Balt Pro-110, a substitute of egg powder, was invented in the laboratories of "PetroSoyaAromat" Ltd. together with the State Scientific Research Institute of Baking Industry.

BaltPro - 110 is a multifunctional protein - phospholipid mixture with an evident surface activity.
As a result of the tests carried out in the branch office of the State Scientific Research Institute of Baking Industry, it was determined that the products mixed up with BaltPro -110 are notable for better taste & longer shelf life. The dough with some BaltPro added obtains elasticity & softness. It was also proved that this product contains no cholesterol or animal fat which can be found in the egg yolk. BaltPro -110 is the best additive for baking products intended for people keeping to a diet, suffering from diabetes or allergy.
Using BaltPro -110 our customers reduce thier expenditures & the product cost price as well.
In 2001 new products developed by joint efforts of "Inter - Technology" & "PetroSoyaAromat" were introduced on the market. They are decorative coatings & breadings.
"Inter - Technology" works in St. Petersburg & has lots of dealers in the other regions of our country, such as Moscow, Barnaul, Vologda, Volgograd,Vladimir,Voronezh, Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Nizhniy Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Orenburg, Omsk, Perm, Penza, Rayzan, Rostov -na - Donu, Saratov, Sizran, Severodvinsk, Tver, Cheboksari, Chelaybinsk & the others.
Our company is ready to cooperate with Russian as well as foreign dealers.
"Inter - Technology" Ltd. enjoy succesful cooperation with moscow firms.
There are several warehouses in Moscow where you can find the range of our products available. Our dealers will be very helpful to you. They can provide you with technical information & demonstrate our additives to you.
All the products have been tasted by the All - Russian Meat Research Institute & consequently authorized to application.
Good operation, reliability, low prices, stability of deliveries & our technological support let our partners produce competitive foods & solve propely thier developmental problems.

Functional protein mixtures BaltPro -201, BaltPro - 210, BaltPro 220 are able to substitute concentrates & isolates of soya protein. They possess high emulsifing properties, stabilize meat emulsion & allow produce the final products of high quality.

BaltProtex is a texturized soya flour of our own production. It is a proper correlation of prices & quality. Permanent deliveries.
Functional protein phospholipid mixture BaltPro 110 is used in baking industry.This additive contributes to enlarging the foods shelf life. It partially or fully substitues the egg yolk raising the profitability of an enterprise.
The application of BaltPro proteins gives an output of high quality with the fatty raw materials used not to mention the processing of beaf, chicken, inner & other kinds of fat.


At the beginning of May "Inter - Technology" Ltd. together with "PetroSoyaAromat" Ltd. Worked out a new group of additives : decorative coatings & breadings.
Nowadays the customers are interested in buying the products of high quality with good appearance obtained by using the mixture of different natural spices added.
Our firm represent 5 new decorative coatings each of which has its own flavour & colour.
  1. "Ostraya" - a burning mixture consisting of different kinds of peppers & mustard.
  2. "Sladkaya" - a mixture consisting of different sorts of paprika. It has pleasant sweet taste.
  3. "Vesennaya" - a mixture with delicate taste. It is made of dried greens, paprika, celery root.
  4. "Tsiganskaya" - It tastes extraordinarily thanks to the combination of juniper & coriander berries.
  5. "Deshevaya" - a multi - purpose coating. It can be applied not only in meat but in baking industry too. There are some caraway, coriander & juniper berries in it.
Our breading mixtures possessing good appearance & taste can definitely improve the appearance & the organoleptic qualities of chopped & piece half- ready products.
The breadings of our firm are quite different from just dried crust.
You are to be crowned with success if you use our breadings !!!